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We are located in Michigan but this website is intended to be used by auto guys from all over the USA and Canada.


Don't get upset at the use of the auto guy reference please. I am a woman also, it is how we think not a gender designation, I call myself an auto guy.

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This website is going to be devoted to all the good men and women who are working in a very tough industry. We are the ones that can help each other.

You have a forum, you don't have to sign your name unless you want to. You can rant, you can teach, you can give up all of your great secrets to your success.

If we all make this website what we need it to be. We will ALL survive the downturn in the auto industry.

Got a bank that is buying deep on secondary? Got a good mailer idea that seems to work? Have one of those follow up ideas that is working well for referrals?


2008 What a year best forgotten...

When car dealers look back on 2008, it will be remembered as the year best forgotten. With a challenging economy negatively affecting sales for every major brand and in every region, no dealer was able to escape from the year unscathed. However, while we all would like to forget 2008, we should never forget the lessons we learned during the past year. Possibly remembering will help us make 2009 a much better year. Best practices will help, so send us your articles and let us help each other.

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babynicole..Honestly thank you for this answer! Honestly what's Toyota got that GM doesn't...oh wait, cars that sound like pop cans for little boys who cannot handle the power. Big boys drive Corvette and Mustang! I'm for GM and I support MY economy MY people and MY products! My Corvette will leave your Honda Civic rolling in the dust! more comments..